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        Energysaver™ Sensamatic Kitchen Fan SMES150

Energysaver™ Sensamatic, fully automatic 150mm (6") axial kitchen fan, with integral microprocessor controlled contamination proof humidity sensor, together with 240V to 12V Switching Power Supply situated within the fan – no transformer required.

The energy efficient, ball bearing 12V DC motor only requires 8.4 watts of power when running, resulting in a long and trouble free operational life whilst reducing energy costs to the Resident.

Under the control of a microprocessor, the sensor monitors continuously the Relative Humidity (RH) in the room. If there is a sudden rise in RH the sensor anticipates hitting the set point and activates the fan before it is reached. After the fan has reduced the RH to about 5% below the preset set point, the fan switches off. When the fan is running under sensor and microprocessor control the L.E.D. flashes.


Special Features


  • Energy efficient motor – only 8.4 watts
  • 12V DC ball bearing motor, proven long life performance
  • No transformer required
  • Impedence protection – motor cannot be burnt out if fan impeller is fouled.
  • Standard performance meets Building Regulations
  • Speed can be adjusted to increase duty rate to over 350m3 per hour

Humidity Sensor

  • Sensor head guaranteed for life
  • Contamination proof
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Anticipatory control for set point
  • Night time setback


  • Extract Rate 230m3 per hour (64 ltrs/sec)
  • Automatic silent operating integral back draught shutter mechanism
  • LED function display
  • Manually operated pull cord overrun
    on facility
  • A remote version of the humidity sensor
    is available


  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Lower energy cost for tenant in keeping with Government Directive regarding energy efficient electrical appliances in Social Housing
  • No maintenance required
a Construction
Formed from a high quality impact resistant white, thermoplastic material. The silent operation shutters open automatically when the fan switches on, and again, close automatically when fan switches off to prevent back draught through the fan when not operating.

A 12V DC brushless, electrically commutated sealed for life lubricated ball bearing motor. The motor incorporates an overload protection device and conforms to EEC Directive 78-889 for radio interference. The motor will operate in temperatures up to 40°C. The fan conforms to BS3456, BS800 and BS5490. The incoming AC 240V supply is converted to 12V DC by an integral switching power supply. The 12V DC motor, which consumes only 8.4 watts, requires no separate transformer.

For best effect, the extract fan should be fitted at a minimum of 2 metres from floor level (where possible), but not closer than one metre to a major moisture producing source. The unit should not be fitted immediately above a cooker – a remote sensor should be used in this application, order code SMES150/REM/W150.

Care must be taken if the fan is fitted in a room containing a fuel burning device without a balanced flue. There must be sufficient air replacement to prevent ‘spillage’.In many instances, a passive air vent or an air brick, may need to be fitted to other cooler rooms within the property in order to promote a good airflow throughout the dwelling.

Fitting Kits available:
Comprises wall sleeve and external grille (available in brown, terracotta, buff or white)
WINDOW: Mounting unit suitable for S/G or D/G windows. (for greater efficiency we would recommend that a fan and remote sensor configuration of this model be used for this application, order code SMES150/REM/W150)
CEILING: Ceiling ring available for fitting into plasterboard. 150mm dia. ducting will be required. We only recommend that this axial fan be ducted a maximum 1.5 metres. For greater distances, a centrifugal or mixed flow type unit would be more appropriate. (see Centramatic and remote sensors data sheets)
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Order Codes

SMES150 Fan with integral humidity sensor
SMES150/REM Kit comprising fan and separate humidity sensor
W150 Wall fixing kit
G150 Window fixing kit
C150 Ceiling fixing kit
Casing (mm) A B C D E
N 230 200 52 63 148
Hole Diameters (mm) Walls 158
N Ceilings 158
N Windows 188
Insulation Double
Voltage 240v (integral switching power supply)
Fan motor 12v DC 8.4 watts
Extract capacity 230m3/h (68ltrs/sec) – integral adjustment facility allows increase to max. 350m3/h
Pressure mm H20 5.1 (max)
dB (A) 45
Set point (at manufacture) 67% RH at 20°C (in conjunction with anticipatory control)
Night time setback 67% RH at 20°C – 77% RH at 10°C
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