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Airtech offers landlords guarantee mould won’t return

A growing body of evidence has identified the dangerous impact poor air quality is having on our health. Airtech, the mould and condensation control specialist, has therefore developed a comprehensive service over the last 25 years to offer landlords solutions for a...

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Radon Testing

Airtech are specialists in Radon prevention through the use of fans and sumps alike.  We always recommend testing first using our radon detectors which are small unobtrusive pods which are placed in your property for up to 3 months.  The pods are then analysed by our...

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This is the perfect time of the year to book a FREE CPD accredited training seminar for mould and condensation. During the seminar we will help you understand the difference between damp and mould, health implications, causes and consequences, solutions and most...

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Check radon levels where you are

A nationwide survey carried out by the National Radiological Protection Bureau, a government body, showed that most homes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had an average level of approximately 20 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq m3). This is fairly low...

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